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Manchurian Fish

Fish is a staple for many people around the world. In Bangladesh, fish is cooked almost everyday. The banks of all the coastal regions in Bangladesh are full with the most colourful, tasty, fresh fish you could imagine. Many people who have never tried fish before are intimidated by the smell and think that all fish are fishy. This is not necessarily true. There are many types of fish that are so tender, they just melt in your mouth and taste so clean, you dont be able to tell you are eating fish.

Spicy Chicken Curry

As hard as it seems to believe, Chicken curry is very versatile. A lot of people know of only one type of chicken curry and have been eating that same one for years. The truth is that there are so many different types of chicken curry, some with a tomato and onion gravy, some with a yogurt gravy, some with coconut, some with curry leaves, some without garam masala (whole indian spices), some with milled nuts, some with very few spices, some with a LONG list of spices just to name a few.

Achaari Daal-Lentils with Pickle

Lentils are a very healthy way of adding protein to our diets. They lack the bad cholesterol that red meats have and are a nice change from white meat. There are many different types of lentils and they are so versatile, they can be incorporated into many different recipes from different types of cuisines.