Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Now most of you looking at this will say why does anyone need a recipe for grilled cheese? Any average Joe off the street can make grilled cheese! But the truth is, most people make grilles cheese with a sandwich maker or other kitchen gadget.

Its very easy and tasty when made on the stove. And that's what I'm going to teach you how to do! One big advantage to making it on the stove is that the sandwich stays nice and fluffy yet crunchy.


2 slices of bread
1 slice processed cheese of your liking
1 tbsp margarine

1) Smear margarine over both slices of bread.
2) In a hot frying pan, place the slice of bread margarine side down and place the slice of cheese on top.
3) Place the other slice of bread on top with the margarine side facing up.
4) After a couple of minutes, lift the corner of the sandwich up with your spatula to see if the edges have a golden brown layer on it, then flip over and cook the other side to the desired colour.
5) Slice diagonally while still hot and serve with a glass of chocolate milk.

Happy Cooking!


  1. that looks good!!

  2. heyy!umm can u make that wth like chesse slices?? cuz i dont have any other chesse

  3. You can use any cheese that fits your fancy! I did use cheese slices here but you can use shredded cheese also.